Need a Psychologist?

Did you know….

Nearly 80 million Americans live in a mental health professional shortage area? (HHS, 2012)

One survey found that less than one-quarter of the estimated 45 million American adults who have a mental illness received treatment? (SAMHSA, 2009)

Cost, transportation, time constraints, and stigma of being seen for treatment often prevent people from seeking mental health services?


Telehealth & Remote Services

Telehealth is a method of conducting psychological evaluations and treatment via live videoconferencing.

Southern Behavioral Medicine has been providing reliable and secure psychological services via telehealth since 2012. We use 100% secure, HIPPA and PHI compliant software to conduct face-to-face psychological evaluations and treatment to qualifying geographic areas.

Telehealth services are typically conducted while the patient is in a medical office. In some cases can be conducted at a patients’ residence. The only device that is needed is a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

We service the states of Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Ohio, New Hampshire and Idaho.

Most major insurance carriers reimburse for telehealth including Medicare, Medicare replacement plans, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Workers Compensation.

Call our office today to find out if your area qualifies for telehealth and remote services!