Pain Rehabilitation Program


“Targeting the brain, not just the pain.

The Pain Rehabilitation Program is a better approach to pain management. This 20-day intensive outpatient program is designed to help patients recover faster without medication.

Our medically supervised approach teaches patients how to become active in their recovery from pain and
reduce the emotional distress that often accompanies chronic pain.

The Pain Rehabilitation Program is a functional restoration program.
This includes 8-hour daily intervention, occurring over 20 consecutive days, excluding weekends.

Patients in the Pain Rehabilitation Program experience
individualized physical therapy
innovative core stabilization techniques
cognitive behavioral therapy
laser and electromagnetic treatments
daily exercise & activity tracking
recovery nutrition
vocational training
daily relaxation & meditation
yoga & tai chi


All clients medication regimens are examined and optimized. Our goal is to reduce the use medication and maximize each clients capacity to heal.

Detox or medically supervised opioid weaning is available off site at certified facilities. Some patients can be tapered during the course of program depending on the complexity of their medication regimen. Please contact us for details.

See our FAQ page for more details of the program!

For more information, call 601-255-1618
Referral fax 601-255-1619